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Eskom Rotek Industries Heritage

With the construction of the first power station in South Africa in Rosherville in 1911, the need for maintenance saw the rise of the Rosherville workshops in 1913. Ownership changed hands in 1948 when Eskom took over the Victoria Falls Power Company Limited and the Rosherville workshops became part of Eskom as Central Maintenance Services. In 1989, Eskom commercialised this division into Rotek Industries and established Roshcon (with sub-division Rotran) in 1990 to provide electrical and civil infrastructure construction, bulk material handling, as well  as logistics and transportation services in addition to power generation maintenance. In 1999, Rotek Engineering, Rotran and Roshcon were incorporated into Eskom Enterprises SOC Ltd as wholly owned subsidiaries.
Recently, the evolving conditions in the South African power supply landscape required a new organisational structure, so in 2011 Rotek Engineering, Roshcon and Rotran started the process to form one subsidiary as an integrated offering. In 2015 the companies were officially merged to form Eskom Rotek Industries SOC Ltd.


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