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Purchasing Ash

Eskom values your interest, therefore if you are interested in thinking of obtaining Eskom coal ash or interested in knowing about further opportunities, please have the following information available when you enquire with us:
  • What type of Ash do you need?
  • What volume (tons) of this type of ash do you need?
  • What is the Ash intended to be used for?
  • How long would you need this volume (tons) of Ash?
  • What is the approximate location for the need for the Ash?
  • Do you need samples?
Customer Purchasing Process:
Once you have answered the questions above, the potential customer will go through the following purchasing process:

  • The customer sends an enquiry about  Eskom’s ash (contact details contained in the contact us section)
  • The customer is requested to submit a proposal with their intensions and expectations.
  • From there, Eskom Rotek Industries meets with the client to understand the proposal and to explore possibilities.
  • The customer will then collect a sample at the agreed power station.
  • Eskom Eskom Rotek Industries engages with the power station and finalises the logistics.
  • If the sample is accepted by the customer, they will then be offered an opportunity to run a trial based on agreed conditions.
  • Pending the success of the trial, a contract could be negotiated and awarded to the customer.
Safety, Health and Environment:
Eskom subscribes to the core value of Zero Harm, which means we strive to not to cause any harm to humans and the environment. This ensures that every measure is taken to keep employees and clients out of harm’s way. With the culture of Zero Harm at the forefront of all we do, Eskom would like to ensure that all its activities and that of its contractors adhere to legislation and Eskom’s internal policies and procedures.

In order to align with this requirement, Eskom will assist the customer with access to information and the process of how to comply. To find out more about related legislation on waste management, please contact Eskom or the Department of Environmental Affairs website on the link below:


​​​​​For the latest Ash factsheet please click on the link and download the Eskom Rotek Industries Ash Factsheet