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Generator Clean Condition Control Services


Eskom has an enormous investment in generators. Damage induced to generators as a result of foreign material ingress during outages has major financial loss implications for Eskom, which far outweigh the already considerable costs of repairing the machines themselves.

This, in turn, can have adverse effects on the tariffs and quality of service to our customers.

Effective and safe control of generator clean conditions necessitates the employment of independent dedicated, responsible, well trained personnel that will ensure effective implementation of the Eskom Generator Clean Conditions Requirements Works Instruction 240-56178527 (Rev1).
Eskom Rotek Industries has the expertise, experienced personal and equipment to fully comply with this Work Instruction in Eskom’s Fossil, Nuclear, Hydro and Gas power stations, and its Rosherville workshops and can offer this capability to clients with a similar need.
Contact our Generator Clean Condition Control Services department should you require more information