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Coal Combustion Products
Eskom is home to 15 coal-fired power stations which produce ash which is available for utilisation in different applications as long as environmental compliances are met. Ash can be used as a key ingredient for various applications such as cement, tiles, plastic, paint, rubber, bricks and blocks, road construction, brake linings and mine backfilling.
Legislative requirements Coal Operations​
Before you consider purchasing ash, note that coal ash is classified as hazardous waste under the National Environmental Management Act: Waste Act (NEM:WA). This requires potential users of ash to apply for waste management licenses, supported by an Environmental Impact Assessment or Basic Assessment or Norms and Standards. For further information on the waste management license and the legislative act, contact the Department of Environmental Affairs on to ensure you comply with all regulations.
Key steps to purchasing ash

Eskom Rotek Industries values your interest to purchase our ash product. In order to comply with legislative processes and to promote fairness and transparency, ash is sold on a tender basis. We will gladly meet with you to understand your intentions and expectations for the use of ash, to advise you on purchase requirements and to explore future possibilities with you. 

Topics of discussion will include:
• The type and volume (tons) of ash required.
• The approximate location of the ash and period of time the volume would be needed.
• The intended use of the ash.
• Do you need samples? If required, you could collect samples at the agreed location.
• Transformation objectives with specific focus on local content.
Remember to check the Eskom tender bulletin for any advertised tenders for ash.