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Bulk Material Services
Bulk Material Services offers services aimed at primary energy generation including coal and water transfer to power stations; ash and coal handling and first line maintenance of equipment such as conveyer systems.
The following are Bulk Material Services’ core product offerings:
  • Complete coal logistics solutions including transport of coal by road, rail or conveyor belt.
  • Coal logistics planning, integrated network optimisation and electronic monitoring.
  • Management of logistics supply chain information including vehicle information, load information, performance and safety.
  • Management and maintenance of coal conveyors, stockpiles and mobile (yellow) plant.
  • Bulk water handling services including management of pumping of water between dams, reservoirs, as well as maintaining appropriate water levels and supply requirements.
  • Operation, management and maintenance of bulk solid and slurry systems.
  • Management of ash including conveyor systems, ash disposal, wet ash handling systems and dam construction.
  • Construction, maintenance and operation of tailing solutions for slag, coal discard and earth of mining.
 ​For more information on Bulk Material Services download 2016 ERI Bulk Material Services Fact Sheet.pdf2016 ERI Bulk Material Services Fact Sheet.pdf