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Construction Services
Construction Services specialises in both civil and electrical  construction projects associated with power generation allowing delivery of power line, substation, cabling, green power, electrification and mixed civils projects.
The following are Construction Services’ core product offerings:
  • Construction of all types of road from gravel to regional and provincial black topped roads.
  • Construction of rail platforms and loop-ins to support new rail links at power stations.
  • Generation construction projects focusing on earthworks, concrete works, drainage and water management solutions.
  • Construction and installation of cabling systems in power stations, as well as underground residential reticulation systems.
  • Technical and testing services for cabling including technical problem solving, fault locating, reparations and break-downs.
  • Green power services that focus on the implementation of energy efficient lighting and control systems.
  • Full civil and electrical construction and upgrading of substations ranging from 11kV to 765kV.
  • Power line construction including erecting and stringing of high voltage (275kV to 400kV) lattice structures, medium and low voltage (11kV to132kV) lattice structures, as well as wood, steel and concrete mono-poles, as well as the installation of rural overhead reticulation networks.   


Infrastructure Construction Cable Installation  Green Power Services

Power Line Construction

 and Electrification

INFRASTRUCTURE202[1] (2).jpg 
INFRASTRUCTURE202[1] (2).jpg INFRASTRUCTURE202[1] (2).jpg INFRASTRUCTURE202[1] (2).jpg


For more information on Construction Services download 2016 ERI Construction Services Fact Sheet.pdf2016 ERI Construction Services Fact Sheet.pdf