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Logistics Services

Logistics Services offers road transport, material handling, warehousing and logistics services to move electricity generation, transmission, distribution and building equipment to and from site.

The following are Logistics Services’ core product offerings:
  • The 0-32 ton fleet operates on scheduled routes with dedicated pickup points, typically transporting goods to manufacturers, to warehouses and to sites. 

  • The 32 – 80 ton area of operation is traditional low-bed transport used for transport of rotor cartridges, diaphragms, top and bottom casings, exciter rotor with bedplates, HP rotors, IP rotors, LP rotors and generator rotors. 

  • The 80 ton and above multi-axle or super abnormal fleet is abnormal load transporters for mega projects and of equipment that exceed the prescribed dimensions and mass permissible on South African roads.

  • Waste management specialises in the management, transportation and disposal of waste in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Transport Services Material Handling and Consolidation Waste Management ​​Logistics Support


For more information on Logistics Services download 2016 ERI Logistics Services Fact Sheet.pdf2016 ERI Logistics Services Fact Sheet.pdf