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Transport Services
Logistics Services offers transport solutions to clients needing to ship anything from 1 kg to 500 tons anywhere in South Africa. For ease of management, the different types of transport services are categorised by the weight of the loads.
·     The 0 – 32 ton fleet operates on national scheduled routes with dedicated pickup points. This includes the transportation of all Eskom goods to manufacturers, to warehouses and to Eskom sites including warehousing for Eskom commodities such as transformers, poles and cables.
·     The traditional low-bed transport or 32 – 80 ton fleet is used for increased stability and to ensure the height of the load is acceptable to the road system of South Africa. This fleet requires yellow light escorts at all times and vehicles are speed restricted for safety reasons.
·      Logistics Services’ multi-axle or super abnormal fleet is abnormal load transporters for large projects, like power stations, and of large equipment, like transformers, that exceeds the prescribed dimensions and mass permissible on South African roads. To move a big load such as a transformer, Logistics Services can combine more than five of the world’s largest trucks to sandwich a high tech trailer that forms the world’s longest road going “train” vehicle. It boasts the largest multi-axle fleet in the Southern hemisphere.