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Our product groups are supported by four support areas that ensure operations flow smoothly. Clustered into Centres of Excellence and Shared Services where applicable, and supported by business partners, these business units form the backbone that supports operations

  • Finance, Commercial and Supply Chain
Eskom Rotek Industries, its product groups, its suppliers and contractors form a complex structure to be regulated and managed for legal compliance and financial sustainability. As part of a profit-driven business the Finance, Commercial and Supply Chain business unit ensures that it is accountable to its shareholder.
  • Human Capital Management
The Human Capital Management business unit has the task of identifying, developing and contracting talent. It is also responsible for labour relations and, most importantly, to further the transformation agenda of the company in terms of processes, policies and organisational attitude.
  • Risk and Resilience
The Risk and Resilience business unit looks after safety and security as priority focus area. It ensures that downtime is avoided through fostering a 'safety first' ethos and that no harm comes to staff, contractors and the environment. It is there to safeguard people, processes, plant and premises.
  • Strategic Enablement
The Strategic Enablement division is designed to give direction for the organisation to follow. It provides strategic leadership and direction for the effective co-ordination, integration and implementation of the Eskom Rotek Industries strategy and operational plan.