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Transformer and Switchgear Services
Transformer and Switchgear Services offers modification, maintenance, refurbishment and repair services to transformers and switchgear, both on and off site. Its workshop and test facility is the most advanced in Africa, and the only facility that can repair and test transformers of sizes up to 920 MVA and 765 kV.
The following are Transformer and Switchgear Services’ core product offerings and specialised facilities:
  • Transformer overhauls, transformer rewinds, transformer remanufacturing and refurbishment of tanks and parts.
  • High voltage and heat run testing, as well as engineering investigations.
  • Boiler making capabilities with limited steel work manufacturing and repairs.
  • Vapour drying facilities to dry out large transformers.
  • Bushing and current transformer (CT) facility to repair certain types of bushings and manufacture CTs.
  • A tap changer facility to maintain, modify and upgrade tap changers to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications.
  • Winding facilities to manufacture regulating windings, disc windings, and screw windings from 10 to 1000 MVA, as well as the repair and manufacturing of normal stranded copper and continuous transposed copper windings.
  • A test bay facility to do full test run and type tests for large generation transformers.
  • Oil depot facility to sample, test, treat and purify oil.
For more information on Transformer and Switchgear Services download 2016 ERI Transformer and Switchgear Services Fact Sheet.pdf2016 ERI Transformer and Switchgear Services Fact Sheet.pdf