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Engineering Solutions
The Turbo Gen Services engineering functionality provides integrated mechanical and electrical engineering services on large steam and hydro turbines, generators, and related plant, to ensure plant availability, reliability and performance improvements are achieved.
Engineering services can be divided into four categories:
  • Service Engineering, which focuses mainly on maintenance of turbo generators during normal operation and overhauls during planned outages.
  • Works Engineering which provides support on turbo machinery equipment and associated plant, specializing in the repair, maintenance and refurbishment of turbo generator modules and its auxiliaries. It also encompasses quality assurance and quality inspection services
  • Engineering Development’s capability is retained in-house to provide engineering services such as new developments and designs; reverse engineering; special projects; research and investigations; product specific technology improvements; as well as method and process improvements.
  • Specialized Engineering deals with “out of normal” engineering conditions, including routine commissioning and de-commissioning of units; refurbishment of hydraulic components and control systems; fault finding; and systems optimization.