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Become a Vendor
Eskom Rotek Industries strives to realise our core value of causing Zero Harm to humans and the environment. This extends to companies we do business with. Eskom Rotek Industries follows strictly governed procurement processes and can only receive a service from the suppliers listed on the company vendor database.
Potential vendors are encouraged to contact the Eskom Rotek Industries Vendor Management department to express their interest in becoming a vendor. The vendor can only be registered on the vendor database when they have succesfully taken part in the procurement process and are successfull with the Request for Quote or tender submitted. Potential vendors are required to follow these steps:
1.   Vendor Management will supply a template to be completed and will request a company profile. This information will be added to a list of potential vendors. This list is used by company buyers for available purchase requests.

2.   When successful during the procurement process, a vendor will be contacted to register on the database. This process can take from two weeks to months depending on the submission of the required documentation from the vendor. Every company that is registered as a legal trading entity must be registered separately.

3.   Register online on the Eskom Supplier Registration Portal, but first deliver original or certified copies of the required and valid documents to the Vendor Management department in Rosherville.

4.   You will receive a username and password to log in. If you are unable to get a password ensure that the email provided is the same as the one on the database. If not, change the email address on the system and reset your password.

5.   Agree to the terms and conditions and attach electronic versions of your documents again before you can submit. You will receive an email with a reference number.

6.   Send this number to the Vendor Management email to inform them you have completed registration.
All vendor enquiries can be directed to