Bulk Material Services

Bulk Material Services offers services aimed at primary energy generation such as coal and water transfer to power stations and on-site ash and coal handling. Operations include:

  • Coal transportation logistics including transport of coal by road, rail or conveyor belt
  • Bulk water operations such as management of pumping of water between dams and reservoirs, to maintain appropriate water levels and supply requirements.
  • Bulk material handling of coal and ash that include the operation and management of bulk solid and slurry systems, stockpiles and mobile (yellow) plant.

Eskom Rotek Industries Bulk Material Services is also responsible for the commercialisation of coal combustion products.

Coal Combustion Products

To reduce impact of ash and gypsum dumps and ash dam facilities, Eskom has embarked on a process to commercialise coal ash and gypsum. Coal combustion products can be used as input materials to produce products of economic value such as brick and blocks, cement extension, plaster board, etc.

Eskom Rotek Industries Bulk Material Services is able to manage and sell coal combustion products from Eskom coal fired power stations, in full compliance to all legislative requirements. Types of ash available include fly ash, coarse ash (boilers or bottom ash) clinker ash, mixed ash and cenospheres.

Legislative requirements changes

In February 2020, coal ash and gypsum was excluded from the regulations published by the South African Department of Environment Fisheries and Forestry. Potential users of Eskom coal combustion products no longer require Waste Management Licenses to beneficiate or utilise ash, however still need to process by-products in an environmentally responsible and safe manner.

For further information on these conditions, or to learn more about the commercial process when purchasing ash or gypsum, please contact the Eskom Rotek Industries Ash Office on [email protected].