Construction Services

Construction Services offers both civil and electrical construction in projects associated with power generation allowing delivery of energy efficient installations, power line, substation, cabling and switchgear and electrification services, including:

  • Mixed civil construction focusing on earthworks, concrete works and drainage, as well as fencing and water management solutions.
  • Construction related bulk material handling such as ash transfer and construction of structures to contain the product i.e. ash dams and dumps.
  • Substation construction includes the construction and upgrade of substations and related elements of all voltages from 132 – 765 kV.
  • Cabling projects includes the technical and testing expertise on cable requirements including fault finding at breakdowns, reticulation and maintenance.
  • Power line construction that involves the construction, maintenance and refurbishment of high voltage (275 kV to 765 kV) and medium and low voltage (11 kV to 132 kV) transmission lines.
  • Project services that refers to in-house maintenance of company buildings, electrical and water supply systems.
  • Engineering services provides a turnkey solution from initiation phase to final handover of all types of construction projects.