Eskom Rotek Industries is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eskom Enterprises, which in turn forms part of Eskom Holdings. It was established to provide construction, maintenance and transportation services in support of Eskom operations.

Eskom Rotek Industries has a rich history spanning more than a century of support to the power generating maintenance industry. It is the result of the amalgamation of three entities, namely, Rotek Engineering, Roshcon and Rotran. The Eskom Rotek Industries Head Office is at Rosherville in Johannesburg, with a national footprint in all major centres closer to key customer sites.

Our capabilities are closely aligned to the specialised services our shareholder, Eskom, requires. 

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Product groups

Bulk Material Services

Bulk Material Services offers services aimed at primary energy generation such as coal and water transfer to power stations and on-site ash and coal handling.

Construction Services

Construction Services offers both civil and electrical construction in projects associated with power generation allowing delivery of energy efficient installations...

Logistics Services

Logistics Services offers road transport, material handling and consolidation, warehousing, full scope waste management including the removal of both general and...

Transformer and Switchgear Services

Transformer and Switchgear Services offers maintenance, refurbishment, repair and modification of transformers and switchgear

Turbo Gen Services

Turbo Gen Services has the ability to service and refurbish all rotating equipment and related components with special focus on maintenance engineering...