Logistics Service

Logistics Services offers road transport, material handling and consolidation, warehousing, full scope waste management including the removal of both general and hazardous waste, road logistics services, as well as the haulage of all heavy and abnormal sized equipment. Services include:

  • Transport services, from 1 kg to 500 ton, are categorised by the respective weight of the load:
    • 0 – 32 ton: These vehicles operate on scheduled routes with dedicated pick-up points and include trucks with built-in mounted cranes.
    • 32 – 80 ton: This refers to traditional low-bed transport.
    • 80 ton plus fleet: The multi-axle or super abnormal fleet serves as abnormal load transport for mega projects and equipment that exceed the prescribed dimensions and mass permissible on South African roads.
  • Waste management services provides a broad spectrum of services, from the collection and transportation and disposal of various types of waste, to advanced services such as asbestos dismantling, disposal of health care risk waste and much more.
  • Material handling and consolidation offers its clients the opportunity to consolidate or break bulk materials, for full utilisation of loads, cost effectively.
  • ERI white fleet management is an in-house function to manage and operate the company’s fleet of vehicles.