Ethical behaviour

The Eskom Code of Ethics; ‘The Way’, reflects the organisation’s commitment to the highest ethical standards and principles in all Eskom business. Eskom Rotek Industries commits itself to upholding its values and ethical standards and demonstrating this commitment to all its stakeholders.

Zero Harm:
We will strive to ensure zero harm to our employees, contractors, the public and the natural environment.

To be acknowledged by all for exceptional standards, performance and professionalism.

Honesty of purpose, disciplined conduct and respect for people.

Innovation: Value-adding creativity focused on results. Leading through excellence in innovation.

Customer Satisfaction: A commitment to deliver products and services that meet our customers’ needs; and to strive to exceed their expectations.

Sinobuntu: We care

For any advice on ethical issues, please contact the Ethics office on 011 800 2725/6324 or [email protected]