Turbo Gen Services

Turbo Gen Services has the ability to service and refurbish all rotating equipment and related components with special focus on maintenance engineering of the power station turbine and the generator island. Services consists of:

  • Turbine and generator refurbishment refer to all maintenance, refurbishment, modification and repair of power generating and auxiliary equipment on site or at our workshops. A specialised balancing plant can balance rotating machinery from 5kg to 300 tons and 100 to 3,600rpm.
  • Engineering solutions include integrated expertise on large steam, gas and hydro turbines, as well as generators and related plant, to ensure plant availability, reliability and performance improvements.
  • Condition monitoring holistically monitors plant and equipment through condition monitoring either by remote, on-line or manual plant assessment.
  • First line maintenance is routinely done for preventative and corrective reasons as part of the contracted service.
  • Boiler health care services will assist in streamlining power plant boiler maintenance to reduce boiler tube leaks and enhance overall boiler health and performance.
  • Clean Conditions and Foreign Material Exclusion services prevents foreign material from entering the system by improving the performance of foreign material exclusion and clean condition controls.